I was admitted in Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton :)

Hey there! Today’s post will be in English; I really hope my usual readers won’t mind that.

Now that all the university results were released, I wanted to share my essays – maybe some day they will help someone. And even if they don’t help, I hope someone will find them interesting :).

Sadly I won’t share every essay – some of them are too personal; it wouldn’t be nice if other people read them haha.

Common App :)
FETECMS revision1.0

motivation final final

MIT :)

1 – background revision 2
2 – Extra activity- people revision
6- challenge revision 2
5 -world revision3
4 – personality revision 2.1
3 – program – UROP – revision 2

I was admitted in Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton :)
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  1. paula disse:

    Obrigada, Ivan! Sonho em estudar em uma universidade americana e é muito bom poder contar com a ajuda de quem já conseguiu chegar lá! Meus parabéns! Bjss

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